Winter Dry Skin – Part 1/2

Photo Credit: Scott Robinson

It’s wintertime and that means some of us are suffering from dry, possibly even cracked skin.

Our hands seem to get it the worse, mostly because they are exposed to the elements and suffer from countless washings throughout the day.  The temperature outside is never the same as it is inside and to make matters even more exciting, we have weather patterns that bring us 60 degree weather one day and a below freezing cold snap before the week is out*.  All these drastic fluctuations of temperature only put added strain on our skin.

The main factor behind the phenomenon of winter dry skin though is humidity, or rather, a lack of it.  The amount of moisture in the air is relatively lower during the colder months than it is during the rest of the year.  And inside our homes and offices, heating systems dry out the air even more.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=dry+skin&iid=3247124″ src=”b/1/9/d/Elephant_Grooming_89a2.jpg?adImageId=8729397&imageId=3247124″ width=”234″ height=”294″ /]
So unless we have people looking after us like these guys looking after the elephants above at the London Zoo, folks who can keep us constantly hydrated… then it is up to us to be mindful of the condition of our skin and be ever vigilant about keep our skin cells well hydrated both from the inside and from the outside.

*As in that’s our weather today… this week.  Here in the Northeast.  It sounds like it’s equally as thrilling, if different, elsewhere in the nation if my Facebook news feed is any gauge.  🙂


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