Allergy Relief from Rooibos Tea

Yesterday I woke up with itchy, burning eyes and sinus pressure. Unpleasant allergy symptoms that aren’t that unusual for me, and are probably familiar to many others. And without any allergy medicine in the house besides some homeopathic eye drops, I decided to research teas that are known to help with allergies. After all, tea is one thing we do have plenty of.

I came up with rooibos tea as one of a few options (green tea being another). Apparently rooibos tea has compounds called quercetins which are both antioxidants and can act as antihistamines as well, much like OTC allergy medications.  See below for two articles, one on quercetin and one on Rooibos tea and its many other benefits.  The benefits of the tea are maximized if you drink it without any added sweetener, and it is actually one of those teas that tastes quite good by itself!

As for my own symptoms, this is hardly scientific evidence but yes, they are somewhat improved.  Is it a placebo effect or is it the power of quercetin… it’s anyone’s guess.  And, as they say, your own mileage will vary.



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