BOOK: Mindful Beauty Is In Your Hands [On Sale Now On]

In time for holiday gift-giving, please feel free to check out my recently published book on natural skincare.  There are lots of fun recipes and tips inside.  Already I have been told that a friend’s daughter is planning to make an occasion of working through some of the recipes!  🙂  All of the recipes use ingredients that are easy to find at the grocery store/pharmacy!  And I explain for each one how they work and why.  Not only does this take some of the mystery out of bodycare products but it helps you see that you can easily make your own product, have fun doing it and save a little money in the process!

Please tell your friends and family about this book – it is my first publication and I’m eager to share my knowledge with everyone!  Stay tuned for more both on this website and in print.

In wellness and mindful beauty,