Green Living – My Choices

Here are some ways that I ‘go green’ in my daily life.  [Note: there is no implied judgment about others here – do what you need to do!  The important thing, in my humble opinion, is to be well informed…  Every choice we make affects everyone else in some way shape or form.  And even doing nothing at all is a choice in and of itself.  So the least one can do is make a well-informed choice, even if it is to do nothing at all.  😀  Trust me, I have teenagers in my life – I have these kind of discussions on a regular basis!]

    • I have been vegetarian my whole life and have made changes more recently that include a considerable decrease in processed foods, increase in local foods, less canned goods.  My choice to be vegetarian is very important to me and shapes who I am.  I chose to be vegetarian both for ethical and health-related reasons and am happy to elaborate.  I will post about it at a later time as well. Continue reading