Motivation & Mindfulness

It seems that I have some sort of auto post setting on Posterous and now that the Thing-a-Day project is up and running, the 2nd post (by splashpaint) motivating everyone to join up before Feb. 1st posted both on Posterous and here on my blog (as if I posted it). Bizarre. Scared me for a bit though because I thought a spammer had access to my account!

Having said all of this – I am more than happy to take this as an opening to talk about motivation and creativity. Namely, what motivates me and “reawakens my creativity”, as the original post said. I would like to say that there is a simple off the shelf answer that you can pick up at your local muse shop. But as with so many things in life, I’d have to say instead that it depends.

For me, the struggle with motivation and harnessing the wild flashes of creativity, is just that – it is a struggle and the creativity does come in wild flashes. Part of my own path of mindfulness and acceptance of myself as I am, has been understanding and acknowledging that many of the ways that I process the world are deeply influenced by a traumatic past. And so, a large part of my creative process has had to include a feeling of safety.

What does this look like? Well it isn’t always an obvious thing. Something as simple as routines are helpful to me. With my writing, it helps to write at the same time each day, even if nothing is forthcoming. I’ve found that leaving a roughly sketched idea to explore is helpful or even just a word dangling, ready to launch a new sentence the next day.

When it comes to matters of health and wellness, motivation still requires a sense of safety, if you want to think of it like that, because I am most successful at being mindful of my exercise routines and eating habits, if I am equally mindful of habits of self-judgement. You know the habits I mean – little things we tell ourselves that are just as critical, if not more so, than if we heard them from someone else, about how we look, how healthy we are, chances of success et cetera. These little voices are, of course, not terribly helpful but they can be put to good use.

More on turning the little voices from demons into angels soon. 😉

For now – this was fun – thanks for listening. Amusing what can happen when technology goes awry, in other words this post is all thanks to a goofy autopost feature. Though it is interesting that I was then inspired to write about motivation and how a feeling of safety helps motivate me, considering it all began with a concern that someone else had posted to my blog (which was technically true but not intentionally). Wonders never cease.

Post shout out to January. Check out her blog.